TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium

TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium (TASC)


In agreement with decisions taken by the TESS Team, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard will be the PI of TASC with the overall responsibility for science and management. This will include setting up and ensure funding for a TASC data centre (TASOC) at Aarhus University in Denmark. Hans Kjeldsen will be Project Scientist for TASC and the data centre in Denmark.

The main components of TASC are:

  • TASC is a scientific collaboration formed around the asteroseismic activities of the TESS mission. The goal of TASC is to gather a large fraction of the relevant research groups around the world.
  • TASC will maintain a database (TASOC) with TESS photometry data in several data forms as well as processed and analysed data. The TASC data centre will also analyse raw TESS data when needed.
  • TASC will contain a working group structure that will be an optimized collaborative structure and is aimed at initiating collaboration between many individual researchers and research groups around the world. Postdocs and PhD-students will via TASC find an easy and direct way to take part in collaborations.
  • TASC will organize workshops aiming at target selection, science collaboration and data analysis. Those activities will be coordinated with the KASC workshops.
  • The Management structure of TASC includes a Board with the aim of advising the PI. 

PLATO Granada members:

Member WG Tess DATA Coordination
Rafael Garrido      
José Ramón Rodón 4 yes  
Mariel Lares 4,6 yes  
Juan Cárlos Suárez 1,2,3,4,7 yes  
Javier Pascual 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 yes yes
Antonio García 3,4    

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