Time and Measurement Workshop

Tuesday, 6 June, 2017 to Thursday, 8 June, 2017
Event description: 

Questions in data analysis involving the concepts of time and measurement are often pushed into the background or reserved for a philosophical discussion. Some examples are:
- Is causality a consequence of the laws of physics, or can the arrow of time be reversed?
- How can we determine temporal asymmetry (the “Arrow of Time”) in time series data?
- Do we need the continuum hypothesis for the underlying function in any measurement process?
- Can we say anything about the analyticity of the underlying process of an event?
- Would it be valid to model a non-analytical process as function of time?
- What are the implications of all these questions for classical Fourier techniques, expansions in other basis functions, and for time-domain models?

José Ramón Rodón
Rafael Garrido
Javier Pascual
Mariel Lares
Sebastiano de Francisisis
José Ramón Rodón
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