Javier Pascual Granado
958 230 598

Areas of interest:

  • Robust criteria for the extraction of frequencies and seismic parameters of pulsating stars.
  • Proxies of stellar activity along the HR diagram through fractal analysis of light curves.
  • Expanding the paradigm of Asteroseismology through innovative data analysis techniques.

I work as post-doc researcher at IAA-CSIC in Granada where I finished my PhD in 2014. I study mainly (but not exclusively) classical pulsators, solar-type stars and exoplanets. My aim is to improve our knowledge of these objects and try to overcome interpretation challenges from an observational point of view, that is, applying innovative data analysis techniques.

More specifically, I have developed new techniques for data processing and correction, frequency detection and noise characterization (fractal analysis) for CoRoT, Kepler, TESS. Actually, I'm fully dedicated to the preparation of the PLATO 2.0 mission.